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"I've been working for over 18 years in various industries– making up a unique blend of skills you won’t find in your typical designer candidate. While my 10 years experience in designing marketing & communications materials will be most useful for you, I have many other surprising talents which, hopefully, make me a perfect fit for your team."


Download my CV for specifics or click the skills links below to see which experiences back up my claims. 

I'm great at:

If you need someone who is/can:

• Tell a good story
• Write and interpret briefs clearly to the team 
• Create proto-content and storyframes from user personas if there’s no content 
• Design context-rich wireframes and prototypes, fast
• Revise content according to changing media/media size
• Proofread and edit 
• Present technical and scientific information into popular format

• Make a product more desirable
• Understand business needs and how they work in the product
• Guard the brand and maintain product quality

• Flexible in improving designs 
• Adaptive in diverse industries
• Can speak to “non-designers” to get their support
• Mature and has corporate experience
• Can lead and follow

I'm good at:

• Mindful of timelines, budgets, ROIs, and organizational resources
• Able to help manage projects 
• Can picture the entire project cycle from start to finish

• Is a critical thinker and can make sense of data
• Listens, is naturally curious, and speaks with data 

I'm familiar with:



Hospitality Interior Design Certificate

The New School - September 2023 (pending)


•  English

•  Filipino

•  Cebuano

Artboard 93.png

UX/UI Bootcamp

University of California - Irvine, September 2019

Artboard 91.png

Master of Development Communication

University of the Philippines - Open University

February 2015

Artboard 92.png

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

University of the Philippines - Mindanao

April 2005



Artboard 23.png


Artboard 48.png

+ InDesign


Artboard 69.png
Artboard 71.png
Artboard 74.png

+ Figma


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Artboard 76.png


Artboard 77.png
Artboard 78.png


Artboard 79.png
Artboard 81.png


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Artboard 84.png


Artboard 85.png
Artboard 86.png
Artboard 87.png


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