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Fabtex: making hospitality more hospitable

 6-minute read  

Role: Designer and writer with Revealize.

Tools used: 
Adobe Creative Suite, 3Ds Max 


Fabtex is a B2B manufacturer of soft goods (window treatments & bedding) for the hospitality industry. A lot of companies in this space are already specified vendors for hotel brands, thus there is little incentive to create a strong online (marketing) presence. 


For the past 8 years, Fabtex had a dated website & MarCom materials. I was specifically hired to revamp and modernize everything with a clear brand message.

Before (left), Fabtex leaned towards darker tones in an attempt to channel luxury. However, majority of their clients are in the economy to mid-range class. The new brand (right) has a more approachable look & feel which also highlight Fabtex's exceptional customer service.

brand guide.JPG

A brand guide I wrote for employees as an introduction to my team's ongoing rebranding efforts.

It started with the website., our main brand touchpoint, defined the palette and visual system for all our communication materials.  Adding videos and imagery of people, rewriting blocks of text into scannable copy, and reorganizing the navigation so you'll find resources within 3 mouse clicks are some of the major improvements we applied.

Following best UX/UI practices, each design stage went through user testing and iterations.

The Problem
“How do we make technical info more digestible?

The old Fabtex was guilty of trying to cram too much information into 1 material. We replaced wordiness with visuals and progressive disclosure with interactive elements:  

Using product images instead of text & vector art. Also added QR codes.

Specifications shown as visuals

Elevating the look with 3D renderings

Replacing the PowerPoint with an interactive, online pdf

Examples of single page sell sheets for sales reps

Cabana Curtains Sell Sheets.jpg

Tradeshow Designs 

For smaller booths with little budget, standees were used. Again, 3D renderings replaced 2D images of window treatment schemes

For larger booths:

(left) Old general tradeshow booth design

(below) 2023 tradeshow booth design with a focus on outdoor products

(above) Lens wipes with custom printed covers were our giveaways which also featured our in-house fabric printing capabilities.


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