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Interior Design

Below are some of my projects from my Hospitality Interior Design Certificate at The New School (Parsons):

Table For Wun

This is a vegan dimsum, solo dining experience. The document below also provides material and design specifications.

While Dim Sum is traditionally mean to be shared, this concept allows solo diners to get their (variety) dim sum fix by themselves.

Branded merch created with the help of Midjourney AI

Hotel Chelsea

For the design of Public Areas, these are some ideations for unique programs for the lobby (reading spa) and rooftop (outdoor cinema) of the Hotel Chelsea in New York. The design is my modern interpretation of the whimsy and old world-charm of the brand.

A_reading spa.jpg

Dune Hotel

For the design of Guest Rooms, I created this hotel in Palm Desert California that is uniquely outfitted for young adults, particularly groups, who frequent the region for arts & music festivals.

smart glass01.jpg
smart glass02.jpg

It uses Smart Glass technology that has 4 modes (clockwise from top left): default, screen, mirror, and  blackout. 

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