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Cancer Survivors Fund Redesign

  5 minutes read  

Role: UX/UI Designer with Raheleh & Lulu


csf desktop.png

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It's made for Allison

CSF provides scholarship assistance and prosthesis to cancer survivors. We have redesigned the site for potential donors like Allison.

Allison's Problem

“Is this charity legit?”

Allison wants to help CSF but is wary if  her donations are making an impact to the recepients. She seeks transparency, authenticity and a hassle-free giving experience.

Why redesign?

The current site is far from what Allison needs. She is looking for:

X Verification or financial reporting

X Social Proof

X Secured online donation methods

The last scholarship was awarded in 2017, and the last content update in 2018. Together with its dated look, Allison does not trust the site today.

The website provides information to two types of people, those who want to (a) give help and (b) get help. After cardsorting, we simplified it into the sitemap below to deliver info quicker to these audiences. We also added practical features from competitors such as fundraising.

The new CSF

Our Solution:

Finance reporting & links to Charity Navigator show transparency.

CSF_how we spend money.png
charity navigator.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 3.21.08 PM.png

Video profiles & social media feed show authenticity. Donations can also be targeted.

Multi-platform donations make it easier for Allison to donate.

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