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Graphic Design

All my designs are based on meeting a business goal.  Having both managed a design team and worked as a designer myself, I find clients often simply liking what is --to their standards-- pretty. So I always ask: Who is this for? What do you want to communicate? And how will this achieve your goal?


Adding gifs to e-newsletters, SMS alerts, web banners and listings increased click rates by at least 5%. 

01 animated.gif


Ebanel wanted a facelift for their serum line that would appeal to a younger market. The new look was a result of 4 rounds of design, based on feasible containers & label printing, as tested by 55 survey respondents.


I designed and wrote these printed brochures with buttons that link to the company website or social media channels:

A corporate product catalog

magazine cover.png

A 16-page trade show/ mailer magazine

A tradeshow new product catalog

cover_ultimate skincare guide.JPG

A skincare primer that's downloadable after e-mail subscription


A 20-page trade show/ mailer magazine

For CNC Factory, I made the brochures into interactive ones with buttons that link to 360 3D models and other useful info– loading the cover page with more content while decluttering it as well.

3D renderings

via 3DsMax

Avid Mockup ADA over 8ft.jpg
mid century reto_final.jpg

Product Listings

In Amazon, the main way to sell your product outside of advertising are the listings. Having informative and benefits-driven profile photos is key in increasing conversion.

For Alpine Corporation, a garden decor company:

At the bottom of the Amazon listing is the Enhanced Brand Content section. This is best used to visually answer common questions about the product.

BEFORE: A wall of text (product description)


AFTER: Posters illustrating FAQs and USPs


Amazon Stores

Below are 2 versions of the same store under different marketing directions. Product photography were also done by me.

AZ Store_01.jpg
AZ Store_03.jpg
AZ Store_02.jpg
01_storefront top_screenshot.jpg


As an amateur photographer, I usually just use point-and-shoot (or phone) cameras. Although I am slowly learning how to use the standard DSLR, my eye for composition is decent. Here are examples of my outdoor and indoor product photography:

Digital Advertising

Shifting the design and copy from "features" to "benefits"driven lowered cost-per-click (from the company's typical $4.20/click to $0.11/click here) and increased engagement.

Social Media

Below shows the improvement in social media posts by using themes, progressive messaging, and continuous carousel images. Before, most posts were just product images. After, posts are more purposeful.  On the right is a teaser for a Valentine's day product bundle.

Based on the "Instagram aesthetic", I also recommended posting clean product lifestyle photos over text-laden promo posters.


These 1-page, magazine layout-type newsletters were initially tested to a young base of subscribers. I later learned less reading, more gifs, bigger discounts, more relevant content, and a calculated release keep people off the Unsubscribe button better than these colorful designs. They're a good example of consistent branding though.