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Web Design

Although most of these were done before I formally studied UX/UI, these examples show my experience in creating websites (all pages) from the ground up

Redesign (2023)

Aside from the visual facelift, the new Fabtex site has more functionalities (fabric sample board, 3D product configurator, customer portal) and sections (news, project portfolio, careers).  

Created via React by Revealize

A hero video outlines our main product offerings and creates a good first impression.

The Lookbook is the dynamic part of the homepage (changes monthly), and helps establish us as a trendsetter in the industry. 

Important for B2B as it demonstrates our track record.

Our CTA to make the site lead-generating.

Redesign (2021)

I added new functionalities to the CNC Factory product page to make conversion/lead generation higher: 360-degree 3D models, quote builders, more downloadable/shareable info.

Created via Wordpress with Digital Vertex

The top of the fold has all pertinent info in case the user does not have time to scroll down.

The 360-degree web rotate section visually shows features when clicking hotspots.

The quote builder allows users to customize their machine and get a quotation via email.

More technical information organized into tabs.

Contact info to help with conversion.

Designed from Scratch (2015)

To add to my portfolio, I created pro bono designs for two mom & pop businesses. Since the turnover, the sites were rarely updated so what you see today is close to how it was originally designed. 

Created via Wix


Redesign (2018)

The original site was what you got when you just replaced the photos, color and text of a free Shopify theme. The new version had more customizations and functionalities to showcase the products and content better. With Ebanel's regular updates, the site today shows about 50% of my original design.

Created via Shopify




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