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I can write and design content. In the chicken & egg of content vs. design, I can start with either, work with a little of each, or even make everything from scratch (so as long as the business objectives are defined).

Shifting Strategies

Initially, Ebanel was too features-driven and would present itself as having "liposomal technology" or "manufactured in an FDA-licensed facility". I told the marketing team that it would benefit to try to sell Beauty over these things and to create an emotional connection with the potential customers first. To demonstrate what I meant, I wrote and pitched this idea:


It's easier to smile when you're not too worried about how you look. Suddenly, the world seems like a friendlier place. You find more time to play, laugh harder, and move more freely.

You feel it, they see it.

It was dismissed at first, but as more seasoned marketeers joined our team, it was was later recognized as a key message and "You feel it, they see it" became the brand's official tagline.

When I joined Fabtex, one criticism was all the existing materials were too wordy or technical. There also wasn't a core message to the brand. I created the new "Imagine it, we'll make it" slogan to highlight our customized product offerings.

Designing from Limited Briefs

As a graphic designer, I sometimes get design briefs with few details:

lightning brief.JPG

When there is nothing left to squeeze out from the requesting party, I usually check other references to make a more substantial output.

To create the final e-blast shown on the right, I had to read up on existing product literature and customer questions to come up with better selling points. 

The imagery was also faithful to the product's old Amazon listing, while echoing important features from competitor listings.


Rewriting (and Re-imagining)

As a visual designer, my advantage over plain marketeers and writers is I can visualize what design can accompany text as I write them. So when I was asked to proofread the mechanics for our loyalty program (left image), I was able to condense it further by changing the format to include icons and dropdown fields-- resulting in a more digestible reading (right image).

It doesn't mean I can't do simple editing. Here's an example of simplifying web banners:

Communication of Scientific Information

I can also communicate technical and more abstract concepts:

Writing for Different Audiences

Here's an example of different versions I wrote (and designed) for the same product to test out to different markets:

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.20.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.21.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.21.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.21.14 PM.png


The client required a brochure for the low-income, lesser-educated market, one that they would keep and pass on to friends. I pitched this comic book format and used the Facebook app Bitstrips to generate the illustrations. Inspired by Archie comics, I created characters and comedic storylines that sold the product in a less "pushy" way.

The text is in Filipino as it it more appropriate for its audience.

Communication of Technical Information

Here, I extracted the content from tech tickets and turned them (after asking questions with tech support) into useful guides.

Before: The engineer's answer assumes the reader understands all his references with the succinct reply. 

tech info_before.jpg

After: This visual and more reader-friendly version solved the issue better and was added as an article to the Company's Online Knowledge Center.

tech info_after.jpg

Writing instructional material

Whether it's a 1-page cheat sheet or a 53-page manual, I can condense or elaborate information based on what the user needs.

cheat sheet.png

This cheat sheet has multiple links to provide additional info when needed.

manual cover.png

This manual was created from a 5-hour recording of a training session for new customers, where I asked as many questions as I could. Transcribing & writing/organizing content took 3 days, and the design of assets/layout was completed in 2 days. 

I created the script and visuals for this video from a demonstration from one of our installers.

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